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Stud Rams

Drop Shot (Full brother to Angry Bird) x Whirlwind daughter

Special thanks for Platinum Club Lambs for allowing us the opportunity to use this young stud ram.





"Giddy Up" x Impact 1045 (Young Jock x ODF)




Bravo x Hurliman 3101
Owned with Justin Nathan



Bravo Bravo

Hurliman 4025
Grizz x Hurliman 1060

Here's the one we have been patiently waiting for and we are excited to introduce “Bravo” (Hurliman 4025). He is a product of our ET Program which we have been concentrating primarily on generating quality versus quantity. "Bravo"is sired by Dee Brother's "Grizz" who needs no introduction and his dam is Hurliman 1060, a Revolution daughter. She was a very competitive show ewe and has become a very consistent donor. "Revolution" was our popular "Guywire" son and twin brother to Amburgey's Grand Champion at the 2010 KY State Fair. "Bravo" combines everything we have been looking for with his unbelievable look, great rib and tremendous shape and expression all the way down his top. He is extremely sound and as structurally correct as you could ask for. His lamb crop looks very impressive and shows a lot of consistency which is a true example of a stud ram. We have been in the sheep business for 43 years and raised several champions across the country including two grand champions at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. With that being said, we feel that "Bravo" is by far the best one we have raised thus far!! The past few years we have cut back on our number of brood ewes, but we are still very much in the Sheep Business. We are concentrating on producing the very best ones possible and running an extended ET program, even though we might not have the volume we once had. We would like to thank Brad Dale and family for purchasing half interest in "Bravo"!







Hurliman Club Lambs
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