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Reference Sires
Designer Designer

Duke's Rascal x Grand Duke

We are sure excited about this ram he is full of style, structurly correct, and is so smooth on the move.
Lots of bone and shag,with plenty of thickness!



Hurliman 3096
4-D Large x Hurliman 1060




Hurliman 3123
Designer x Hurliman 126

Hurliman 3120
Designer x Hurliman 78



Commotion Commotion

Guywire x Hurliman 7115





Revolution Revolution
47 47

Guywire x Hurliman 6550

Commotion (Guywire Son) x Hurliman 6247




Ballistic Ballistic

Keeper Lamb

Julius x (Dinero X Venum)




Durango Durango
Pathfinder Pathfinder

Hurliman 3253
Sired by "Cruiser"

Hurliman 3105
Sired by "Cajun"





Adrenaline Adrenaline
Silhouette Silhouette

Hurliman 3159
Sired by "Rocco"
Co-Owned Robert Coats - OK

Hurliman 1890
"Precision" x Hurliman 1361





Duramax Duramax
Aztek Aztek

Hurliman 3120
Sired by "Cajun"

Hurliman 3366
Sired by Hurliman 2170





Prestige Prestige
Rocco Rocco

Hurliman 3460
Sired by "Silhouette"

Ben Beam Ranch #35
Sired by "Boomer" Hancock 9119





Avalanche Avalanche
Cajun Cajun

Hurliman 3350
Sired by "Envoy"

Castro 48
Marcantel x Castro





Cruiser Cruiser

Hurliman 9080
"Intrigue" x Cammanche

Hurliman 1213
Escalade x NSYNC



Hurliman Club Lambs
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