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About Us




Welcome to Hurliman Club Lambs!!!
Dwayne is celebrating 45 years in the sheep business and the future of our program has never looked so bright as it does in 2017.
We have been truly blessed with a very successful breeding program, super friends, and loyal customers. For those less familiar with our operation, in 2011 we totally changed our vision and sold the bulk of our flock. We decided to retain only the most elite females and
decided to mold our program with only the best donors and wow did that ever change things in the right direction! Currently we are working with around 25 very elite home raised donor ewes that are truly producing some of the most sought after genetics in the Industry. We have never tried to dazzle people with fancy descriptions of our sheep or crazy pictures. We always enjoy when people come to look in person and are pleasantly surprised. That being said, We have taken a little extra time recently to try and take some pictures of a few donor ewes. Although I still believe that most of the donor ewes look even better in person. I hope that you can come visit and see for yourself soon.




Hurliman Club Lambs
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